*COVID-19 Updates*

On 4/24/2020 the Governor’s office issued an update to the “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order that allows “low risk” construction to restart IF the companies performing that work can meet and sustain a 30 point Job Site Safety Requirements list.*

Prior to that official update our team drafted internal policies and began procuring necessary supplies to meet this set of requirements.

The update was unclear on whether “all low risk” construction could restart, or “existing projects” only.

On 4/29/2020 the Governor’s office issued a clarification to that update that stated that only “existing low risk” projects could restart, and defined “existing” as having been contracted prior to March 23rd, 2020.

*In Washington, tree services are licensed as a specialty under “construction” by WA Labor and Industries.

Read the 30 point list here:
Phase 1 Construction Restart COVID-19 Job Site Requirements


For Clients:

Regimental Tree Care has revised internal policies to meet the requirements set forth, and will begin rescheduling work that was contracted prior to March 23rd in its original order.  

At this time no sales / consultation visits are allowed unless related to protecting persons, property or vegetation from “imminent harm”.

Per our industry’s tree risk assessment standard, “imminent” means “failure has started or is most likely in the near future, even if there is no significant wind or increased load”.

Please continue to reach out to us regarding your tree care by phone, or by online “request” via our website or facebook page. We will triage the requests and address them as soon as it is legal and safe to do so.

Please feel free to request more information about how Regimental Tree Care is protecting itself and our community from COVID 19.

For Tree Services:

As of 4/30/2020 the following work is authorized:

Construction previously authorized under Proclamation 20-25 and Governor Inslee’s March 25, 2020, memo on construction.

Construction not previously authorized under Proclamation 20-25 and the March 25, 2020,
memo that was in existence on March 23, 2020. In existence means construction activity that is:
a) needed to fulfill an obligation under a contract effective prior to March 23, 2020, or
b) authorized by a government-issued permit obtained prior to March 23, 2020

4/30/2020 – Phase 1 Construction Restart Update – WA Governor’s Office
Phase 1 Construction Restart COVID-19 Job Site Requirements


The following resources are available for Washington tree service companies to assist in the professional practice of tree care:


The “Tree Care COVID 19 Work Safety Plan” is available to the our arboriculture community to ensure the broadest possible care is taken within our profession. It is based off the Phase 1 Construction Restart COVID-19 Job Site Requirements, as well as resources that the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish County put together and is the joint work of the following companies.

NOTE – These resources do not constitute legal advice, and no guarantee to the accuracy and completeness is made. If you choose to download or view resources, you accept all responsibility for your use of them. You must ensure your application of these resources meets the requirements of State and Federal law.